MamaLuigi22 is a Fakegee, and a friend of Sling King. He is considered the most "edgy" Fakegee ever. He is like Classic Squidward, grumpy, angry, and arrogant. However, deep down he cares for his friends.

Biography: Edit

Created by Waweegee and intended to be the ultimate life form, MamaLuigi22 was born. He wasn't the god Waweeegee hoped, and was kicked out and treated as a bootleg. He went to Lalleo School, until he was kicked out. He then wandered the universe until he met a guy named Spleegeeg,and turned evil. He eventually turned good again, and left Spleegeeg. He then got several temporary jobs, including scientist, spy, agent, serial killer, and others. He eventually found his own star cluster, and became the edgy and grumpy ruler. Despite this, he didn't live there: he lived in Bikini Bottom. He then met his wife PapaDaisy22, and settled down, while running his kingdom and army.

Trivia: Edit

  • He has 4th wall awareness
  • he is one of the most powerful Fakegees to this day
  • He usually gets along with Sling King, though sometimes there are misunderstandings and they argue.
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