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Hello fellow member of the Sling King Wiki! We have great, great services for you and anyone! Make and edit articles on basically anything you want. Stop by the forum to say "Hi!" there. We are always welcoming members and always will be.

Sling King wiki will be active nowadays! And we'll give you cookies, convinced yet?

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Don't Spam!

But let's see, you're loving this wiki, so you get to be either a Rollback, Chatmin, Beaurucrat and an Admin!


Negative PromotionsEdit

  • Spamming - 2 weeks
  • Hardcore Trolling - A whole year!

Positive PromotionsEdit

  • Blocking Spammers - Chat Mod
  • Blocking Trolls - Chat Mod
  • 10 pages and No blocks - Admin (So you can promote or demote other people)

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If you have a question, please look at this page before you ask your question. It may have been asked by many people.

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